Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just a little something

Just thought I'd throw up a poem I wrote a few months ago. No big update...Not yet anyway :)

Anyway, don't know what to call it yet, so, here it is in all its untitled glory :)

In days of Spring my thoughts are born

And ride the winds of yestershore

And live among the blue of sky

Where thoughts and dreams will never die

Where clouds do what they will and then

Refill themselves to dream again

Of shapes and moves: smooth and free

And they are what they want to be

The sea, a restless sky beneath,

That lacks the patience which he sees

And so reflects the skies above

From down beneath his watery hub

Until the sun betwixt them runs

When each, his own, does swiftly come

To meet at this: The light of day

When skies are seas and clouds are waves

When thunder and the waves will cry

When color spreads both sea and sky

Awakening the reds and blues,

Yellows, pinkish, purple hues

When time itself, it makes no sense

The stars have yet to come down hence

The sea, its tide, has yet to pull

The sun, its dial, bends the rules

The day, not knowing where to rest

The night, it looks for sun to set

The twilight is the glorious thing

Of which, these, nature’s wonders sing

When nature is a person, it seems,

Confused by all its thoughts and dreams

Deciding this, Deciding That

In turmoil comes the wild matte

And yet it’s here, from conflict great

That nature seems an awestruck state

Perceived by we, the lookers-on

Who deem the scene from realms beyond

And so I pose this question last

And leave you ponder the answers vast

In what way is it, say you now,

We are perceived, day in, day out?


Tracy said...

Wow! Beautifully done! Going to be chewing on that for awhile. Your words paint breathtaking pictures. = )

Love you,

Brennan said...

thanks madre! :)